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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  August 25, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> stay with us for "good momo caller: i'm terry mcsweeney live in berkeley, we're waking up to the fact that steve jobs is no longer at ceo. apple without steve jobs? what is that going to look like? we'll take a look in just a minute. >> and also no morning, thousands of people are back home in placer county after a burning tanker finally burns itself out. >> a lot of clouds and drizzle. cooler weather is on the way. i'll tell you how long it will last. >> good morning, i'm sue hall. we've got an accident on the penalties that may affect your early morning commute. more details coming up. >> and public outcry forces
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oakland school board members promoting a district officer as chief of the police force. >> good morning. i'm eric thomas. kristen sze is off today. >> this is apple's first full day of the 21st century without steve jobs in the chair. he stepped down and reaction is rolling in. terry mcsweeney is live at the new apple store in berkeley. >> some say they are stunned and some say they expected it but whatever, steve jobs is no longer ceo at apple. he is still with the company, but he is no longer ceo. in his letter he can no longer meet his duties and expectations. what does that mean? take a look at the man who some call a modern day thomas edison. he brought us i-things, iphones and pads, is it a health issue?
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he has had serious health problems. he has had a liver transplant but no mention in his resignation letter. he recommended tim cook as chief operator to be the new ceo. that has been taken care of already. what will apple look like with cook in? >> he is doing the day to day stuff while steve jobs was still involved with apple but not with the intensity that he used to zblb he is not the next steve jobs but he has steve jobs' play book but he is going to do exactly what is in the play book for the short term. >> reporter: i guess it's kind of like when george stiefort took over after joe walsh left. people in line for hours just to get in the brand-new store. he created a brand and people can't get enough of it.
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apple stock will be interesting to watch. apple stock took a bit of a hit. it will be interesting to see how the folks on wall street as steve jobs no longer as ceo. he is still with apple as chairman of the board but not connected with the day to day product line that he had when he was the ceo. live in berkeley, terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news." apple's chief operating officer will take over as ceo. tim cook has led apple during two medical leaves by jobs. he brought was brought in to see overseas manufacturing of computers. many see him as a traditional businessman. we posted his resignation letter along with tweets reaction to the news. look under see it on 2 at >> thousands of evacuees in
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placer county are back home after they allowed a rail car to burn out. they say there is still propane in the tavern so they will continue to shoot water on the tanker to keep it cool. you can see that water still being shot at the tanker. fire officials say there is no longer a threat of major explosion. it's still unclear how the tanker caught fire tuesday afternoon in the northern propane energy yard. >> former giants slugger barry bonds and his legal team will see if a federal judge will set aside his conviction. the jury deadlocked on three counts of perjury. his lawyers have raised instructions jurors received. they will see if he will retry him on perjury charges.
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they claim he lied on the investigation into balco lab in 2003. >> oakland school board must find a new chief for the district's police force. it forced the panel to change its mind about promoting an officer that was involved in a deadly shooting. alan wang explains. >> in the course of last week, he has been promoted to chief of police. >> that emotion ignited the firestorm of disapproval. school officials say last january the sergeant shot 20-year-old man seven times and killed him while he was sitting in a parked car threatening the officer with a screwdriver. >> they have been exonerated for their actions and legal process will determine if there needs to be some remediation to the family. >> brown ace mother is filing a lawsuit against the school district. >> what does that say about all
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of you? who made this decision? you don't care. >> last week the sergeant was promoted after chief pete sarna retired. they complained that sarna made racist remarks during a police event but became the new interim chief. >> when the chief resigns, you have to move somebody, it was the natural order you move up the highest ranking officer. >> to have this chief and acting chief be a shooter, what a role model for our young people. >> the message was received loud and clear. >> school board members are hoping to replace him with a new interim police chief in about a week. our time is 4:36. today a state senate committee is scheduled to vote on a controversial bill to ban the sale of shark fins in california. it would force restaurants and small processing shops to empty
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their supply of shark fins by the end of the year. san francisco state senator leland lee has opposed the bill. they say sharks are multi late by fishermen. protestors who disrupted the evening commute at bart civic center station are threatening to continue the demonstrations indefinitely. that is what they told the bart board hearing. the board plans to establish a new policy on exactly when the underground phone service could or should be cut off in the future. >> if you are going to shut off all service ever, it needs to be under the most extraordinary circumstances. >> other board members defended the move to cut cellphone service. >> you can't use your cellphone
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on an airplane. there are reasons why there are some restrictions. >> the demonstrators say they won't stop protests. they want bart to meet their demands including dismantling the bart police force. >> the water is flowing in the community of pes cav dero. the water pump was malfunctioning last week but there was no warning when the 30,000 gallon task ran dry on tuesday. a new pump begin running yesterday morning and residents are still being urged to boil their tap water to get rid of any lingering residue until the end of the day. it's 4:38. time to look at the weather forecast. nice and warm in the east bay. what is it going to be like it today. >> i don't think it will be quiet as warm. several areas of low pressure, big trough of low pressure out here off the coast bringing the
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onshore wind or sea breeze back in the forecast. you'll notice a lot of clouds this morning and abundance of drizzle around the bay area. temperatures are running in the 50s, same areas as they did yesterday, that would mean the same areas along the coast to san francisco up to the north bay valleys. 50s, low 60s to start the day but that breeze will keep us in check this afternoon. still be warm in the east bay valleys. upper 80s to near 90s. 80 in the south bay. mid to upper 70s in the north bay valleys. low to mid 70s through most of the bayshore and mid to upper 60s around half moon bay, san francisco and richmond. down around monterey bay, sunshine in santa cruz and salinas. low to mid-70s for you. 65 in monterey. seven-day forecast, cooling continues tomorrow, look for slight warming trend, sunday, possibly saturday and monitored and then another cooling trend
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tuesday and wednesday. >> good morning. we do have very heavy drizzle. you will need windshield wipers and an accident at peninsula at hickey. that is blocking the on-ramp, fire department police are on the scene. that is northbound 280 and let's take a look at 880 at san jose right at 101 an accident cleared out of the litigants. you may have a little congestion northbound 101. 80 westbound just past central. center lane blocked with an accident. you can see bunching as you see the east shore freeway into the mcarthur maze. >> it's 4:40 now. >> skateboarders create a hidden oasis below a freeway but a wreckers ball is about to smash their dream. a dramatic improvement in test scores. the history of
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good morning. 4:42. live look at the hd camera on the embarcadero. bay bridge, sue hall is following things there. let's take you live to what is normally thought of as paradise. this nas saw in the bahamas and hurricane irene is already there and they are receiving reports of damage. no specifics but plenty of rain and wind, rain blowing sideways and the camera taking a little top view. we'll take you back with mike to the bahamas in a few minutes for a look what irene is doing this morning. 4:43, a skate park on interstate 880 is set to be demolished.
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skateboarders said they tried to work with caltrans to keep it open but they can't afford the $5,000 a month lease that caltrans wants. emeryville officials say the city doesn't have money to pay for the upkeep. they say they transformed a run down area to a place they can be proud of. >> when we started building here this whole function was prostitution ring and junkie hangout spot like nothing but bad stuff going on. when we came in, we cleaned up for a long time. did a lot of sweeping and garbage bags full of trash. >> skateboarders say dozens of people use the park every day. caltrans says unless the city can maintain the park it will be torn down. >> most california students are passing the exit exam and results show all major groups are in the 90% range.
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lyanne melendez tells us why the numbers are up despite recent budget cuts. >> nearly 95% of students of the class of 2011 passed the exit exam. schools like burton in san francisco have had a strategy in place to make is your more of their students pass the test. >> at burton we have been able to configure schedules so the best and brightest teachers actually work with the most verbal kids. >> they must pass both sections not to get a diploma. they can start taking the exam in tenth grade and have several more chances to pass. those making steady increases were african-americans and latinos. among african-americans, 83% passed the exam. come their to today, 90%. hispanics, 85% of itself class of 2006 passed the test,
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compared to 92%. >> 98% of graduating white students pass the exit exam but there is still an achievement gap between latinos and african-americans and white counterparts but it's getting small are. >> despite budget cuts have seen an improvement. >> they think what we're seeing is teachers and peer professionals in school sites are doubling down on the work and talk about superheroes. they are doing more and more work with less resources. to look at the results in your local school look for a link under see it on tv on our website at >> rebels are night thing their hold on libya and now they are turning to a new mission, finding moammar khadafy. >> the east coast is bracing for hurricane irene. i'll have that story coming up. >> now they see it, soon they
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that work continuously to reduce tank build-up. use rid-x once a month and help save yourself from disaster. four corner states, 100 in salt lake city and dallas 107. heat building up in the eastern seaboard. we have mid to upper 80s boston and seattle and portland. good news out of new york, most of the airports are running on time. flight tracker at, bottom of the front page. 4:49 right now. >> libyan rebels hunteding for moammar khadafy are offering a $2 million reward for anyone that kills or captures the fallen dictator. [ gun shots ] >> meantime, rebels have transformed the former
4:50 am
headquarters in tripoli into their oven staging area. they continue to battle in the last pockets. they faced sniper fire from some of the khadafy loyalists. unfreezing $1.5 billion in assets currently held in american banks. >> u.s. navy has ordered the second fleet in virginia to leave port to keep them out of hurricane irene's path. forecasters have issued the first hurricane watch for the outer banks of north carolina. irene could possibly hit the area next saturday. >> hurricane irene is coming and it could pack a real punch. forecasters say the storm could gain strength as it barrels toward the east coast likely making landfall in north carolina as category three hurricane as early as saturday. the winds struck out over 400
4:51 am
miles. more than 65 million people live in the path along the east coast. federal government is urge is those residents to get ready now. starting early this morning, there is a mandatory evacuation order for an island off the coast. conditions can quickly become dangerous for residents but some residents say they are going to ride out the storm. >> if you choose to stay as we are certain to do, you can't expect emergency services to come to your aid. you are volunteering to put yourself in a more risky situation. >> they are getting ready for the wind and rain. >> they are also underway on the massachusetts coast. >> if irene makes landfall in the northeast it could be the biggest hurricane since bob came
4:52 am
ashore in 1991. hurricane bob she was talking about there. >> weather bob. >> it could be interesting to see if it happens. it may come ashore around connecticut or rhode island. it would be interesting. >> here is a look at irene. category 3 a major storm with 115 mile-per-hour winds and moving to the northwest at 12 miles per hour. it's taking a northerly is jog which is good news for florida but getting over that warm ocean water which means it could intensify to category four storm before downgrade to a three as it heads and then could come ashore near connecticut south african night. there is a cold front that could push it out to the east. those folks did not need a
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hurricane like that up in new england. >> let's talk what is going on around home, a lot of cloud cover in the east bay and lots of drizzle to go had so watch out for that. those temperatures are still in the 50s to low 60s and warm spot 63. we have clouds, drizzle, fog you name it around the monterey bay and inland. we have a full house, gilroy and 58 in honlt ray. the sunshine will be slower today because of the thicker clouds and that will continue the cooling trend. cloudy tonight and watch out for more patchy drizzle and warming during the afternoon hours. san francisco will be the same at 65. oakland about two degrees cooler and san jose and 4 and fremont, 11 degrees cooler than yesterday. here is the reason why. look at all the clouds everywhere this morning. even pushing into the east bay valleys by 9:00. then by noon, still hanging around the bay. by 2:00, finally back to the
4:54 am
coast where it will be stubborn keeping you in the 60s and 70s and 80s for the rest of us. it may touch 90 in antioch and brentwood. upper 50s around richmond and berkeley, low to mid-70s until fremont at 78. 78 in sunnyvale and 85 in los gatos. we'll have low to mid 50s with all the cloud cover at the coast. downtown san francisco, sausalito mid to upper 60s for you. then upper 70s to low on 80s in the north bay valleys. mid-60s around monterey and pacific grove. more sunshine in santa cruz and mid-80s around gilroy and morgan hill. >> giants pulled one out last night 2-1, cool breeze tonight, 61 down to 58 degrees. if you are heading anywhere around the state today, temperatures are going to be pretty warm in the central valley. mid to upper 90s.
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let's take a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast, cooler tomorrow before a slight warming trend, saturday, sunday and monday and cooler again in the middle parts of next week. good morning everywhere. we are looking at a live shot of 80. this is westbound, headlights in the westbound direction toward the macarthur maze. an accident reporting at central blocking the central lane. slow traffic at the top part of your screen. golden gate bridge, we've got very, very heavy drizzle coming across the golden gate down the waldo and in to san francisco. about an hour ago, i was using my windshield wipers all the way in. slick roads there and an accident daly city, hickey on-ramp and emergency crews are possibly blocking a lane. for all the traffic details including drive times, is the website. click on bay area traffic right there in the lower left-hand side of your computer screen. crews continue to assess the
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damage from the east coast's largest earthquake in decades. there are several more fractures on the washington monument. the 5.8 quake brother broke the cap stones of the national cathedral. damage to the cathedral is in the millions of dollars but the structure remains sound. houston hundreds of people remain displaced from high-rise offices. >> they are trying to repeal the fire fee. they are asking the state tax boards to refuse to collect the tax as residents pay to receive basic fire service. it was part of this year's budget deal but critics say the fee is an illegal double tax. >> you know they are trying to limit how many rounds we can put into one of their rifles. i wish they could limit the illegal taxes you could put in a budget.
4:57 am
>> 850,000 californians would pay the tax. a legal challenge is underway but tax board says they are obligated to collect the tax unless a court intervene. >> airport security officers will be getting a less revealing look at passengers at san francisco airport. new software is being installed in the scanners. new system eliminates the actual image of a passenger but it shows a generic body outline. >> no longer its generic image that highlights anomalies on passengers. the tsa has stepped up use of full body scanners after a man tried to detonate a bomb hidden had his underwear two years ago. next on "abc 7 news" at 5:00, now what? steve jobs steps down at apple.
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we're live what his resignation will mean. >> what do barry bonds the night before a big court appearance. bonds has a big hearing today. we'll show you where he turned up last night coming up. >> and hundreds of evacuated homeowners in placer county breathe a sigh of relief. breathe a sigh of relief. a new plan to burn
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